Smoant Pasito Kit Review - Cartridge with rba? They did not expect?

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The team Lost Vape can put a monument for the fact that they have opened a new niche of advanced systems on the cartridges. There are few alternatives to Orion , but this topic is definitely interesting to the public. A new milestone in the development of this segment was launched by the guys from Smoant, unexpectedly rolling out a miracle called Pasito.

smoant pasito kit


Let's be frank and recognize that the designers of Lost Vape again worked better than all praises and the only way out for competitors was to “borrow” the format. Smoant was no exception, but still tried and rolled out a rather interesting product. Most of all in this toy I like the slim body and the cool combination Resinpanels and bright drip types. At the moment, only 4 colors are available, but I am sure that Smoant will not rust and soon other versions will appear.


Dimensions :

Height - 102 mm.

Width - 38 mm.

Thickness - 18 mm.

Interesting in terms of performance characteristics begin with the battery pack. Works boxing under the management of its own production board - ANT . The user has several power levels available - 10/13/16/20 / 25W. Switching takes place with a special button. Yes, there is no puff sensor and you have to work with your finger to activate the device :)

Atomizer resistance is limited to the following range - from 0.3 to 3 ohm. The battery itself is built-in and has a capacity of 1100 mah (3.2-4.2V). Here, the guys decided to show off a little and instead of the usual micro usb Type - C (5V / 1A) is used. I will not comment on the need and the practical side of such a decision - we simply count it as an additional bun. The device supports communication with the outside world through a standard LED indicator.

smoant pasito kit

Here we come to the main highlight of the novelty. So, Pasito works on completely standard cartridges. Available evaporators - MTL / Ni-80 / 1.4 ohm; DTL / Mesh / 0.6 ohm. But this users decided not to limit. If you wish, you can purchase a full RBAbase on one helix. Cool? I believe that the idea will definitely find fans and has a future. The capacity of the tank for the liquid - 3 ml. All this is complemented by an adjustable top-blowing system.

smoant pasito kit

smoant pasito kit

smoant pasito kit

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